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So long... From The divine Dance of Diani

From: http://letterfromdiani.webs.com/apps/blog/show/6278531-so-long-from-the-divine-dance-of-diani
Posted by Paul Kihiu Njuguna on February 28, 2011 at 5:41 AM


I walk along Diani Beach finally having fully grasped something fulfilling about the universe. I now realise that everything, from the smallest atoms to the biggest galaxies, is governed by one simple event –motion. Why is everything moving? I need not know that exactly but what I do know is that mysteries, adventures and motions are the things of communication that promote achievement of the perfect desire of evolution. The shift in waves is represented by the basic movements of resonance and harmony. A continuous music.


If everything in creation is waves of music, no wonder life and the universe are mere reflections of microscopic particles engaged in an endless dance choreographed by the laws of the universe. Even the feelings of joy, sorrow or boredom are a chemical dance of hormones, magnetic fields and the mingling of molecules and atoms in the brain. Life, death and all patterns of creation move in vibrations too. Even space and time, the arena in which we spend our lives, are not really what we see but projections coming from something far deeper and more mysterious; the spectrum of our collective thoughts. Eventually, this arena will disappear and reappear as something else. When the dance stops, everything returns to the great ocean of oneness.


Through the power of our love, we participate in creation as we are all here in the service of universal art to give rise to beauty and to enjoy all that has been manifested. We are gods and goddesses in embryo waiting to be born the moment we desire to create. This is our reason. The intent of life! The very purpose of the universe.


A Diani legend tells of a boy who was seated by the baobab tree sorting and munching the baobab fruit and at the same time murmuring a traditional poem that says, - All you big things bless the lord. Mount Kilimanjaro and lake Victoria, the Rift Valley and the Serengeti Plain. Fat baobab and shady mango trees all, eucalyptus and tamarind trees. Bless the Lord. All you tiny things, bless the lord, busy black ants and  hopping fleas, wriggling tadpoles and mosquitoes’ larvae, flying locusts and water drops, pollen dust and tsetse flies, millet seeds and dried dagga, bless the lord. – Praise and extol him forever and ever.

At a certain point the boy became an Illuminati and was completely changed both internally and externally. He had realized the righteous way. When he got back home, he was visibly transformed and his people asked him what had happened. He explained that while seated by the beach, he got to be enlightened. He showed the villagers the spot where he had sat. So they all gathered there every morning for several days trying to emulate him. Nothing happened. Eventually, everyone realized it was neither the place nor the poem but the very self which makes all the difference.


What I do, you can also do, ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you, seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free. The power of the human mind should be explored. It conceals more surprises than can ever be imagined.


We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love and to share. This is a precious moment, but it is transient. It is a little afterthought in eternity. If we share with caring light heartedness and love, we will create abundance and joy for each other. And then the moment will have been worthwhile. And probably there may never be the need to ask, why we are here. As for me, the rhapsody of Diani goes on vibrating in every cell in my body. I feel its rhythm and tune merging all the time with the grand cosmic dance of the universe. There is no two; there is only one and no one else. All is perfection, all is harmony.


There is a sculpture in the Temple of Thebes, so old that its origin has never been determined. Some say, perhaps Atlantis. But wherever it is from and whoever carved its symbols, its message is eternal: you are endless galaxies – and you have seen but one star.

So long Ramira, words were all I had for you. Compared to eternity – It’s just a mote of dust dancing in a beam of light. The dance can not end, even when the lights are off.


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