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Gazi Womens Boardwalk

Gazi_Womens_Boardwalk.jpgGazi village is located in Kwale district, which is in the South coast of Kenya. The area’s serenity is like no other, as it is straddled by a sparkling white beach and is marked by well-kept mangrove forests. The historic aspect of Gazi is an untapped resource, with the unheard-of torture building located close to the beach. The building’s floor is made up of human teeth and the walls’ pillars are said to have been reinforced with corpses including that of pregnant women. This one-of-a-kind building adds to the cultural value of Gazi, by giving visitors to the area a sneak peek into the harsh treatment experienced by the locals during the slave trade.

Gazi Women’s Group is a conglomeration of 3 smaller women groups - Subira, Mpaji ni Mungu, and Shauri Moyo. This all-women group has constructed a 300-metre board walk that winds through the mangrove forest, giving visitors a chance to learn about the birdlife, fish, crabs, prawns and 9 types of mangrove species found in this ecosystem. It is also within this 700-hectare mangrove forest that a small-scale oyster farming enterprise has been established. A visit to the board walk can also be extended to include a village tour on request where you will get to experience the local village life and cuisines. Gazi Women Group is also involved in bee-keeping, and also takes part in regular cleanups of the beach.


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