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Day Excursions

Kiambethu Tea Tour

kiambethu.jpgA visit to Kiambethu Tea Farm, where you will be welcomed by the owner Fiona Vernon, she will give the group a talk on the history of tea and its production in the area. After the talk you will be taken on a guided walk through the farm to a patch of indigenous forest followed by a farm-style lunch and drinks. You leave the farm richer with knowledge of tea production.


City tours

Visit the stately Parliament buildings, the Kenyatta International Convention Centre where a lift to the top to view Nairobi’s skyline can be arranged. Visit also to the National museum and snake park There also visits to the Railway Museum, Masai market, Kenya National archives & Watatu art gallery.  

Nairobi National Park

national_park001.jpgEarly morning games drive at Nairobi national Park about 20 minutes’ drive from the Airport is the only Park within a city. The park is 113 square kilometres made of plain savanna and bus. 4 of the Big 5 can be seen in the park including several other wildlife species. There are over 400 bird species of birds found in the park.


Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

The sanctuary is part of David Sheldrick Conservation Foundation a nonprofit charity organization. It takes care of baby elephants orphaned through death of mothers, injury, getting lost and through other tragedies. They are raised by dedicated handlers and later released into the wild when they are ready. A visit to the orphanage when they are being fed and having a mud bath is an irresistible sight of fond memories. A small fee is charged for entry. 


Karen Blixen Museum & Giraffe Centre

giraffe_centre.jpgA tour of Karen Blixen Museum formally a farmhouse belonging to Karen Blixen, the author of ‘Out of Africa’ .Giraffe Centre is a non-profit organization, which was founded by the late Betty and Jock Lesilie Melville in 1979 to help save the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe. Here you can see the giraffes up close as you feed them from a raised platform. On the way back, you can briefly pass through the Bomas of Kenya cultural centre for insights into the different cultures of Kenya.


Carnivore Restaurant

A restaurant outside the city centre ideal eating spot for meat lovers set in a well-manicured garden. Lunch or dine in an eat- as- much –as- you- like restaurant with a large variety of meats cooked on an open braai.


Hells Gate Game Walk

Hell’s Gate National Park is a small park located south of Lake Naivasha. Home to the rare Lammergeyer Vultures and over 100 birds. A Park you can cycle, rock climb and walk among Antelopes, Buffalos, Zebras among others. Deep gorges and hhellsgate.jpgot springs  Setting of the Lion King was modeled after the Park


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